= Installing Screen Saver =

Download Free Screen Saver which includes a selection of Gary’s photos. Once you’ve downloaded the self-extracting installation file, you can go ahead & install ... or you can choose to preview the Screen Saver first, just to be sure you like it. See installation instructions below before downloading the installation file.

File Name: garyhaynes.exe

File Size 1.05MB - Click here to download

Download Time: min sec - or less, with faster connection

Compatibility - Windows 95, 98, 98se, NT, 2000, ME, XP

Please Note - Apple Mac Untested

Download ScreenSaver

Instructions on downloading & installing screen saver

  • Click the download link above (or floppy disc image) & immediately a pop-up message/box will appear and ask - ‘Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer’? You should click ‘Save’ & locate your desktop or other memorable folder on your computer ...  click ‘Save’ & the download will begin.
  • Once the download is complete click ‘Close’ & then locate the downloaded file ‘garyhaynes.exe’ on your computer (saved to your memorable folder or desktop)
  • Click the ‘garyhaynes.exe’ file & open the installer. A box will pop-up & you can preview the screen saver, if preferred, otherwise just click ‘Install’. Once installation is complete (it takes only a few seconds) you will see the ‘Display Properties’ box appear & under the ‘Screen Saver’ tab heading, you will see a drop-down menu & it should have ‘garyhaynes’ listed as a screen saver option.
  • From the ‘Display Properties’ box you can preview the screen saver (if you want to) ... once you’ve finished, click the ‘OK’ button - which will close down the ‘Display Properties’ box.
  • The original ‘garyhaynes.exe’ file can now be deleted from your desktop - or if you’d prefer, you could save a single copy of the file to CD-R (for personal use only), in case you ever need to install it again.
  • If you decide you would like to uninstall the file at a later date, you just need to locate the .scr file - ‘garyhaynes.scr’. You can locate the file by going to the main Start Menu of Windows. Go to: Start > Search > For Files or Folders - then type in ‘garyhaynes.scr’, once located, right click the file & delete it.
  • PLEASE NOTE - If for some unknown reason the screen saver fails to install properly on your system or once installed it fails to run correctly - Please be aware that we are unable to give you a specific diagnosis as to why it will not work on your system. If installation fails we suggest you delete the downloaded files from your computer & restore your screen saver to its original settings - which can be found in: > My Computer > Control Panel > Display > Screen saver Tab
  • Copyright © 2004 Gary Haynes & Scott Kingswood. All Rights Reserved.


  • 1. You may not make copies of the images, MP3’s, media data or information on this site for commercial purposes or monetary gain; the information & downloads on this site are supplied for information and personal use only.
  • 2. You are not allowed to copy, publish, reproduce, sell, loan, sublicence or rent any portion of the information, data or media files on this site, by electronic or any other format, without prior written consent of “Gary Haynes’ & ‘Scott Kingswood”.
  • 3. Media files can be copied by private individuals, but strictly for personal use & must not be given to third parties, thus complying with other conditions of this notice.
  • 4. Screen Savers can be freely downloaded, but they are strictly for personal use only. You may not decompile, disassemble or modify any portion of the files or use them for commercial purposes or monetary gain. The file should not be mass: copied, published, reproduced, sold, loaned, sublicenced or rented out, by electronic or any other means ... without prior written consent of “Gary Haynes & Scott Kingswood”...
    • Exception to condition four ... Gary Haynes & Scott Kingswood will allow private users to make one single copy of the screen saver file... but strictly for personal use & only as a backup installation file.
  • 1. Gary Haynes, Scott Kingswood or Helen Wilson will not be held responsible for any problems or damages that may arise from the installation & use of this Screen Saver or any other media files downloaded from this web site.
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