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  • Name - George Hollinshead
  • E-mail address - georgeh.hhezine@virgin.net
  • Web site addresses - www.country-western-gear.com
  • Location - Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire
  • Your Message - Please visit our web site to view our current range of clothing & accessories. We have a wide range of Country & Western gear (for Men & Women) - Including: Shirts; Bolo-Ties; Mountain T-Shirts; Collar Tips; Bone-chokers; Belts & Buckles; Hats & Hat Bands; Boots & Boot-straps; Leather jackets & tops ... plus much more! Please email George or phone (01526 353 325) to make enquiries; place your order or to arrange an appointment to view his range of goods. (Viewing is by prior arranged appointment only)
  • Date Posted - 30th March 2008
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  • Name - Katie
  • Location, Group or Venue - Peakirk
  • Your Message - Hi my names Katie, Iím the girl from Peakirk. How are you? Iím good thanks; been trying to get doc to get u back for next year, email me back please fanx
  • Date Posted - 13th March 2008
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  • Name - Helen Wilson (Webmaster of Garyís site)
  • E-mail address - mail@garyhaynes.co.uk
  • Web site addresses - www.garyhaynes.co.uk & also www.photo-ark.co.uk
  • Location - Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts
  • Your Message - Hello everyone, please send Gary your comments & messages ... and we will add them to our new guest book ... Thanks, Helen
  • Date Posted - 3rd July 2007
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