= Booking Enquiries & Contact Details =

If you are interested in booking Gary for a future venue (British Isles only) ...perhaps for a private party, wedding, a public event, county show ... or as entertainment in a pub or club ... then please make your enquiry through one of the following contact points ... Gary takes bookings primarily for Country Music events (Country & Western) but will also take bookings for Rock ‘n’ Roll, by special request.

= Contact Gary direct by E-mail =

Gary's contact details

Please remember, when contacting Gary, to leave details of your preferred booking date(s), plus venue details and your name & contact details ... and Gary will contact as soon as possible.

= General Enquiries & Web Site Comments =

If you would like to contact the website manager (Helen), concerning a problem or maybe you have a general enquiry ... please email the web site’s email address or use the guest book to leave your comments ... Thanks.

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Gary's E-mail Address

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